Fashion Illustration: Digital Painting

Description of Techniques:  Fashion Illustration starts with a photograph or image or inspiration; the technique used here was to overlay the original image with a digital painting program.  This creates the life of an original painting or sketch, adding depth to create the story of the fashion look.  I use photos + images from life that I shoot myself and then overpaint them.  The look depends on the effects I want.  I usually re-design the clothes as well for added effect. Sometimes the design is perfection, in the case of the DIOR images which are my original photographs then over-painted for special effects.  The technique is nice for director presentations, they can be easily printed on quality paper with additional artwork materials added over the top and signature for your design.  Of course, the idea is to have a digital image of your concept that provides you ease of use.  If you are creating an online presentation or blog of your work after a film or television project please let me know.  I have an amazing design team for that purpose along with CREATIVE DIRECTION I provide for your online properties. 



Editor’s Note:  This image came from a vintage DIOR collection and was edited and repainted to create the excitement of a spontaneous illustration. Check back soon for more updated fashion illustrations.    It should be noted that the work shown here is copyrighted, *some by DIOR and some by myself so they cannot be copied or used without permission in all media. 

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