Gallery of Concept Sketches: click to enlarge each image for a closer look. Custom Sketches using a Variety of Media are available by Request. Concept Sketches, for Environments, collages for Meetings, and Presentations Available by Request.

email:  pikke@artifice-atelier.com


Russian Peasant Clothes – Research

Concepts based on research.  Sketches are in ink, pencil and water colors.

This small sketch for Merchant of Venice is a result of reviewing  research and beginning to think about fabrics, textures and colors of this piece.  Pencil, Ink and Charcoal.

Charcoal Sketch for Street Character for

Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare

Pen Ink and Watercolor to create a

Character for Merchant of Venice.

Painted Concept Sketch for Peer Gynt,

by Ibsen in Concept

Watercolors, pen and ink sketch

Jane Eyre –  Ink on paper Sketch







Jane Eyre – Watercolor on Paper

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