Photo Illustrations: The future of Costume Design Illustration

Inspired by your Research, the Photo Illustration Tells the Story of your Project.

What is very unique about a photo-illustration technique, is your research, personal photos and other visual files can be combined to tell the story of your film, theatrical show or commercial. This is a quickly changing media that can adjust to the changing moods of your director or creative supervisor. Illustrative of iconic fashion in style, based on your colors or moods to tell the story of your projects, this technique requires artistic training to full utilize the artistic tools available.

How does this type of Presentation work for your Film or Television Project?

Your own signature can be applied to the images, as can the name of the film project. The images can be sent by email, attached to a keynote presentation file and sent by phone or dropbox, or we transfer depending on the size of the project. An entire film concept can be created to present the ideas and atmosphere of your project. Your basic sketching style can be easily scanned into files that can be updated with painting techniques to tell the full story of the garments.

Photo with Hand-Made Digital Sketches to expand the design.

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