Statements: Paris Architecture Speaks

When I photograph architecture, I don’t really want to tell the entire story, just a unique piece of it.  There are plenty of touristic photos out there, but looking closer at what the artisans and designers might look at:  Where is the point of entry?  What colors define the space and where does the human element fit in?  These are what make a good interior design: the relationship of the people to what is around them in the space or outside the space. Entering the space and inhabiting the space.



Looking up  

Going Up

Modern architecture that is not 19th century in the Parisian experience is certainly there but as you walk on down the streets, Baron Hauseman has taken over the visual space to the enth degree. Artists and designers are always discovering new ways to dialogue with the spaces created in the past to make them new in the future. One of the most unique places that people are discovering design and architecture is in hotels and boutique travel experiences.  Major designers are taking over this space and curating their points of view into the travel experience. This is indeed, going to become one of the most impactful spaces for the consumers to experience architecture in the future. The need for smaller houses, or “small living” is also a new architecture trend that will sweep the world as people discover they don’t need large homes to live a fulfilling life. The millennials prefer instead spending time and income on experiences.

Editor’s Note:  The St. James Hotel in Paris provides the exuberant interiors and rooms that are decorated differently from many typical hotels in the city. Famous for their unique chateaux property, unique in Paris, see more information about the hotel at their website:






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