Creative Direction: Paris Images Curated for Marketing @artificeworld Instagram

So much of our visual discourse is about combinations of images, ideas and stories.  Instagram has provided me with a unique platform for my crazy juxtapositions of colors and textures combined with story.   Here the products play a part in its connection to the piece of art that inspires me.  Each image on my instagram is designed to drive interest and engagement, but I don’t really know about that; for me I enjoy the sparkle of an earring paired with the beauty of an elegant woman in a painting. A moment in my day or travels that connect me to one of the products I might be selling.  The combinations of textures and colors that tell the story of that product are what interest me on a continual basis.  If that’s useful for selling the product, that is step one.  Step Two, is the emotional response people have when they connect to my vision.  That is where the fun begins.

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