CHEKOV’s Three Sisters: A Poetic Experience

As costume supervisor for this production in 2008, the final work was a team effort of the costume designer, the wardrobe staff and a shop of students who worked very hard creating this unique production.  Outside vendors such as rental agencies, university costume stock and a uniform company re-created the looks that made this huge broadway level production elegant and beautifully designed. (see credits at WIF website)

The uniforms, the quiet solitude of the acting style combine with a set design of exquisite birch trees mark this unique production produced at WILLIAMSTOWN Theater in 2008.  Using rented uniforms from a university stock room we had them copied and matched to create one of the powerful looks for the production that has both historic accuracy and an meaning in the meaning of the story. In Chekov you sense both in his creation of the language of each character who move the plot lines and the moment by moment experience of the plays that time stops, and the moments you witness are symbolic of the last moments of a time before the final days of the Russian empire as it hurtles towards  an uncertain future.


For further information on this production: Williamstown Theater Festival Season 2008

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