Academic Programs: Resident Costume Designer

ANON-Greek Chorus-Factory Women-Wesmont

The original play,  ANONYMOUS, was a special project that was created for a resident theater program at the Westmont College theater. The costumes were created in simple tones,  on natural fabrics like linen, cotton and knits all devoid of surface details. This allowed the lighting designs to create color, and texture on the simple surfaces.

In addition, the clothes needed to be able to shift  from factories, open fields, industrial interiors, and other modern spaces which the lighting facilitated by shifting color and patterns. The neutral scenic space also contributed to the total design designed by Darci Scanlon.  The fluidity of the play as it moved from one scene to another in filmic style. As a resident designer and adjunct faculty the experience of engaging students with the process is the most important role as you strive to create a design that is reflective of a Director’s concept, stays on budget and offers unique projects for student participation. 

Westmont Festival Theater – Santa Barbara, CA   2008

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